BOTOX® Treatments

Botulinum toxin, most familiar as BOTOX® , is a synthetic chemical used to block nerve signals. Known for its cosmetic applications, BOTOX injections are also effective for medical conditions, including nerve and muscle disorders.

BOTOX® for Headaches/Neck pain

BOTOX can reduce the frequency of chronic migraine headaches in adult patients. Chronic migraines are often a reaction to certain triggers, which activate a nerve and cause pain. By injecting BOTOX into the skin, the muscles become temporarily paralyzed and the nerve is blocked, resulting in fewer migraines with few if any side effects.

BOTOX® for Movement Disorders/Tremors

Movement disorders are categorized as neurological conditions that involve abnormalities in the quality and quantity of spontaneous movement, such as shaking of the hands, legs or arms. Example of movement disorders include Parkinson's disease and essential tremor. BOTOX is injected into the affected area to gradually improve the condition and reduce the severity of involuntary movements.

BOTOX® for Stroke

Strokes occur when there is a reduction in the flow of blood to the brain, depriving the brain of oxygen and nutrients. BOTOX is injected into the arm muscles to reduce upper limb spasticity, a debilitating condition affecting some stroke patients that results in tight, stiff muscles, making it difficult for the patient to perform daily activities. The injections may help relieve muscle stiffness.

BOTOX® for Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a debilitating condition that affects the central nervous system, disrupting communication between the brain and the body. MS patients experiencing muscle stiffness, or who cannot tolerate oral medications for the condition, are candidates for BOTOX treatment. Small amounts of BOTOX are injected, restoring mobility, with results emerging over two weeks.

What Our Patients Say

Botox has been the answer to my prayers.  I have been suffering with migraines for years.  My migraines were so bad they blinded me and made me nauseous.  I was unable to enjoy the simple things of daily living.  I started Botox over a year ago, and it changed my life.

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